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Turkish Institute for the year. Lieutenant - Colonel of the Engineering Science Medicine Agriculture Arts. [Come to deadline 29 Mina. 56]

POSTED BY   /  18 February, 2013  
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ulaklogo Institute of Science and Technology, Turkey – 1.800 Turkish Lira per month..
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Spanish Government Scholarships for la Caixa Foundation and the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre at Bt. (Come to deadline 15 Mina. 56)

POSTED BY   /  5 February, 2013  
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La_Caixa-B La Caixa Foundation and the Spanish Ministry of Economy for International Scholarships. (CNIO) Applicants must have completed a Bachelor Degree Diploma side. 4 Year.
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German Ministry for Economic Research for research grants worth more than a field. 2 Million baht (Come to deadline 15 And Wed.. 56)

POSTED BY   /  5 February, 2013  
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Germany-FMECD Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany offered a scholarship to study in any course, including students from developing countries. (Except China and India.) Candidates to work in their home at least. 5 Year applicants and female candidates researchers will receive special consideration. 60,000 Euro (2 Million 4 I estimated.) The deadline to apply. 15 May 2556..
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Taiwan ICDF Scholarship offers full degree - PhD University in Taiwan. [The deadline to apply. 15 March 2013]

POSTED BY   /  24 January, 2013  
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ICDF Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund (Taiwan ICDF) Offer full scholarships. 15 March 2013..
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Postgraduate Scholarships for Inter-Students at University of Sussex 2013

POSTED BY   /  13 December, 2012  
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University-of-Sussex-logo Graduate Research Fund International. 50 Capital value. 13,500 Pounds per year for 3 At the University of Sussex in England every year. 2013..
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International Postgraduate Scholarships at U of Birmingham in UK

POSTED BY   /  30 November, 2012  
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Bham-university Birmingham University offers Scholarships for international students Number. 18 Capital value. 10,000 A pound. 1 Year students who have been enrolled in college for the year. 2013-2014 The deadline to apply. 31 March 2013..
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Utrecht Sylff Scholarships 2013

POSTED BY   /  26 November, 2012  
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Academiegebouw Utrecht University Netherlands Scholarships for number. 6,000 Euro per year for students in the humanities and social sciences. (And economics.) Annual 2013..
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Louis Dreyfus-Weidenfeld Scholarships, UK 2013

POSTED BY   /  16 November, 2012  
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oxford Master and PhD Scholarships in full. 20 ทุน หลากหลายสาขาวิชา โดย Louis Dreyfus Foundation ศึกษา ณ มหาวิทยาลัยอ๊อกซฟอร์ด ประเทศอังกฤษ หมดเขตรับสมัคร 4 January or 18 January 2556 (The course opened up.)..
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Amsterdam Merit Scholarships in Social Science, 2013

POSTED BY   /  12 November, 2012  
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UniversityOfAmsterdamNoDiscriminationAgainstWomenBarsIslamLecture University of Amsterdam. 2013..
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