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Turkish Institute for the year. Lieutenant - Colonel of the Engineering Science Medicine Agriculture Arts. [Come to deadline 29 Mina. 56]

POSTED BY   /  18 February, 2013  
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ulaklogo Institute of Science and Technology, Turkey – 1.800 Turkish Lira per month..
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Utrecht Sylff Scholarships 2013

POSTED BY   /  26 November, 2012  
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Academiegebouw Utrecht University Netherlands Scholarships for number. 6,000 Euro per year for students in the humanities and social sciences. (And economics.) Annual 2013..
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Masters Fee Scholarships in Arts & Humanities at University of Sheffield, UK 2013

POSTED BY   /  5 November, 2012  
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university-buildings University of Sheffield Offers Scholarships for students from the United Kingdom. 2013..
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CEU Senior Fellowships at Hungary, 2013

POSTED BY   /  25 October, 2012  
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ceu Research on social sciences and humanities. 2013-2014..
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Oxford Scholarships Programme in Humanities 2013

POSTED BY   /  18 September, 2012  
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2256_ox_brand_blue_pos Scholarships in the Humanities. (Humanities) For international students. 2013-2014..
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SSRC Research Fellowship in Humanities and Social Sciences

POSTED BY   /  12 September, 2012  
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ssrcorg Funding for (Ph.D) Humanities and Social Sciences at the United States by the SSRC annual 2012..
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Humanities Research Scholarship at University of Dundee, UK

POSTED BY   /  17 July, 2012  
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university-of-dundee-logo Scholarships for international students at the Faculty of Humanities University of Dundee, United Kingdom. 2013..
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Istanbul Sehir University Undergraduate Scholarship, Turkey

POSTED BY   /  6 June, 2012  
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sehir_university_logo1.jpg1 ทุน ปริญญา ตรี หลากหลาย สาขา วิชา ณ Istanbul University Sehir ประเทศ ตุรกี ประจำ ปี 2012-2013..
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The Eira Francis Davies Scholarship at Swansea U [Deadline:1st June 2012]

POSTED BY   /  21 May, 2012  
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swanseasa1 by night from marinaweb Undergraduate and graduate scholarships. 2012..
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