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All questions to Dr. Stamford International University.. อภิ เทพ ใน Inter Fair 2012 !

POSTED BY   /  25 March, 2012  
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DR Welcome to the future of international education in Thailand. .
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The technical work in the digital age, the teacher said Wong angkul Thule in Inter. & Graduate Fair 2012

POSTED BY   /  22 March, 2012  
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426896_10150739254175359_580080358_11706573_1401116784_n The job is not hard anymore when you have found the correct approach. !..
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สัมผัสประสบการณ์การเรียนที่ London School of Economics กับน้องต้นข้าว กุลนิษฐ์ ใน Inter Fair 2012

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photo The talk "was a scholarship student. Wed and Thai students in universities in the world"..
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The Park Fernando Arellano, actors and students who excel in the Inter Fair. 2012 !

POSTED BY   /  22 March, 2012  
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Fernando P The seminar on "Internet-depth courses in Thailand," the brother-in Fernando Arellano actor from his pulpit Brilliant..
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POSTED BY   /  20 March, 2012  
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OEC_postcard_fair2011 Invitation to join OEC Global Education Study Abroad time. 4 (Move from 5 On Wed.. 54) On. 24 March 2555..
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TIMES declared in his' college world. 2012 !!

POSTED BY   /  15 March, 2012  
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Print แปล/เรียบเรียงข่าวโดย ต้นซุง Eduzones วันพฤหัสบดีที่ 15 March 2555 Department of Education of the British Isles to be THE or the Times Higher Education world university ranking results. “Glory” (Reputation) As the years. 2..
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International Seminar on the course, the glass artist and dams in the Inter Fair. 2012

POSTED BY   /  14 March, 2012  
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แก้ว เขื่อน   Register and attend a seminar here. : Courses in Trend with Inter Star.  ..
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USNews Graduate School of Education announced the award of the United States. 2013 !

POSTED BY   /  14 March, 2012  
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grad_countdown_slide As already announced it. (Master's degree and higher.)..
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“KONY 2012″ Campaign to create world peace.

POSTED BY   /  13 March, 2012  
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kony_2012 Many people would get to watch a video sharing through social media Facebook..
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