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New ! Launched INTER HUB International Education. (Thailand the language.) The first part of Thailand. !!

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563141_513511155377508_1167456383_n     เปิดตัว INTER HUB การศึกษาอินเตอร์ (Thailand the language.) The first part of Thailand. !!  รวมรวมทุกข่าวสาร “International education in Thailand and the world.” Thailand set for students at one go, click here. :
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The year.'s The Japanese government and the ADB-JSP variety. 26 Member University yearly. 2013

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Asian-Development-Bank-Japan-Scholarship Japanese Government Scholarships for international students from developing countries who are members of the Asian Development Bank. 26 University members. 1 ปี (Can be expanded up to. 2 ปี)..Year
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PhD scholarship. 2013

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167px-University_of_Copenhagen_Seal.svg Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences. 2 Biotechnology venture. (Microalgae.) (Microalgal Biotechnology) The researchers of all nationalities. 2013..
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Sign up now. ! 1 The district. 1 Capital generation. 4 Ready

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20130126170823 Project 1 District 1 Board Rules How to select the first recipient of a scholarship program funded Class 4 District 1..
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M. Frankfurt, Germany offered the bear. PhD in Cultural Studies. 8 The capital. (Come to deadline 15 Have value.. 56)

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cluster-logo University of Heidelberg bear. (Transcultural Studies) Number of PhD. 8 Position and salary. 1,200 Euros per month. (About 48,000 Baht) For those who do research in the field. “Asia and Europe in the context of globalization. : Cultural dynamics.” (The deadline to apply. 15 March 2556) ..
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The year. Classical dynamics and the surface temperature at the Max Planck School in Germany. (Come to deadline 3 February 2556)

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university_mainz_Max_Planck_Institute_for_Polymer_Research Max Planck Research School ประเทศเยอรมนีเสนอตำแหน่งปริญญาเอก สำหรับผู้สมัครในโครงการด้านอุณหพลศาสตร์และระบบพื้นผิวดิน (Thermodynamics and the Land Surface System) Candidates must have good knowledge of English. (Come to deadline 3 February 2556)..
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Capital Bank of New year.'s Evolution Chaiya Memorial. “Disciplines.” [Come to deadline 9 Feb.. 56]

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ABCD0010-1 Announced the recruitment examination for the evolution Chaiya Memorial. 2556..
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Bank of Thailand's capital last year. Undergraduate engineering students - economics abroad. (Come to deadline 9 February 56)

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Bank2 Announced the recruitment examination for the individual school attainment sentence. (New venture.. End) Bank of Thailand to study at foreign fixed the year 2556..
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University of Skovde, Sweden scholarships or tuition.'s Half of international students every year. 2013

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17396298 University of Skovde, Sweden bursaries for graduate students, half of the candidates. 2 Duration 25 March 2556 And 1 May 2556..
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