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New ! Launched INTER HUB International Education. (Thailand the language.) The first part of Thailand. !!

POSTED BY   /  14 April, 2013  
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563141_513511155377508_1167456383_n     เปิดตัว INTER HUB การศึกษาอินเตอร์ (Thailand the language.) The first part of Thailand. !!  รวมรวมทุกข่าวสาร “International education in Thailand and the world.” Thailand set for students at one go, click here. :
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Sign up now. ! I double majored in engineering degree - Techno SIIT and JAIST School in Thailand and Japan.

POSTED BY   /  1 March, 2013  
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558351_495659647115452_666585767_n University of Engineering and Technology Partner. (SIIT และ JAIST)The Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (HERE) และ Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST)..
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The year.'s The Japanese government and the ADB-JSP variety. 26 Member University yearly. 2013

POSTED BY   /  19 February, 2013  
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Asian-Development-Bank-Japan-Scholarship Japanese Government Scholarships for international students from developing countries who are members of the Asian Development Bank. 26 University members. 1 ปี (Can be expanded up to. 2 ปี)..Year
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Scholarships in full. 2013

POSTED BY   /  5 November, 2012  
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firstpage-54-pic-en Scholarships in full. (Full PhD Scholarships) Information Systems, Computer Science and Statistics at the National Institute of Development Administration, Thailand yearly. 2013..
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PhD Scholarship in Stochastic Analysis and Mathematical Finance, Australia

POSTED BY   /  7 September, 2012  
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curtin_view_logo International Scholarships and Financial randomly oriented numerical analysis. (Stochastic Analysis and Mathematical Finance) At Curtin University in Australia annually. 2013..
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Hong Kong is a PhD scholarship. (Hong Kong Ph.D. Fellowship Scheme)

POSTED BY   /  9 August, 2012  
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banner PhD Scholarships Hong Kong Ph.D.. Fellowship Scheme offers scholarships to foreign students to study at the doctoral level. 2012 The University of Hong Kong..
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SWU.. รับตรงแพทยศาสตร์โครงการร่วมมหาวิทยาลัยนอตติงแฮม

POSTED BY   /  18 July, 2012  
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DSC01801-s Admission Admission to the undergraduate students. (Test matches.) Academic year. 2556 Doctor of Medicine program. (Joint project between the Faculty of Medicine. .
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Humanities Research Scholarship at University of Dundee, UK

POSTED BY   /  17 July, 2012  
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university-of-dundee-logo Scholarships for international students at the Faculty of Humanities University of Dundee, United Kingdom. 2013..
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ECU Alumni Postgraduate Scholarship, 2012

POSTED BY   /  17 July, 2012  
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ECU-Logo Capital Alumni Edith Cowan University in Australia. 2012..
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